The base of the CrossFit fitness hierarchy is nutrition. Nutrition is the foundation for developing fitness. If it is lacking, all components above with suffer as well.

At CrossFit UDX, nutrition is the foundation of our program as well. Through weekly group discussions, member education and our nutrition programs we encourage everyone to actively strive to better their diet everyday.

You CANNOT out exercise a bad diet, there is no magic-diet or magic-secret to nutrition. We work with you to create the habits that will lead you to a lifelong of fitness.




What you get:

  • Get 1x/month In-Body weigh-ins and discussions/seminars with our coaches and partners
  • Regular support and education materials through our CrossFit UDX private group Facebook group
  • Start-up packet to get you educated on nutrition & lifestyle advice that works long-term
  • Access to exclusive UDX Nutrition Program newsletter

Cost: FREE (Included in membership!)



We partner with Trail Transformation to bring you expert coaching from an a dietician experienced working with athletes and those who are fit and active.


Bachelor of Science in Community and Medical Dietetics- Viterbo University, La Crosse, WI
Registered, Licensed Dietitian
Certified LEAP Therapist (Food sensitivity Testing)


Hi, I’m Rachel! I am a Registered Dietitian, with a passion for nutrition and a passion for fitness.  My goal in working with CrossFit athletes is to help them utilize the power of nutrition to optimize strength and performance. Through experience with the strength training community, I have seen time and time again, how even the smallest adjustments to nutrition and diet can change body composition and performance immensely. Implementing the right nutrition can help athletes and active individuals alike increase muscle mass, decrease fat mass, prevent injuries, and increase quality of workouts by improving energy levels. The relationship between food and fitness is inseparable, and my goal is to help active individuals reach their full potential by utilizing nutrition as the powerful tool it can be. Whether it be developing individualized meal plans to fit your needs, developing competition fuel plans, or helping you to stay on track with daily nutrition choices, I am here to help!


Nutrition services offered by our Registered Dietitian will be unique to each client, and can come in many forms.


Unsure of how a dietitian can help you reach your best?  Know you should be eating differently, but unsure of how to get started? 
Schedule a Consultation with Rachel to help you get started.
$50 for the 1 hour consult.

MRT Testing

I am trained to provide and interpret food sensitivity (MRT) blood testing, allowing me to help individuals battling GI disorders, sensitive stomach while exercising, muskuloskeletal pain, skin issues, migraines, fibromyalgia, and a variety of other symptoms related to food sensitivities.

CLICK HERE for more information.



One-on-One Nutrition Counseling

Our dietitian offers one on one nutrition counseling for variety of individuals including those with weight loss and/or weight gain goals, athletes striving to optimize performance through the help of fueling and hydration strategies, those struggling with eating disorders or GI disorders, and individuals simply looking to improve their general health and wellness. This nutritional counseling can be done in a variety of forms, including skype meeting, phone calls, emails, or in-person, depending on the needs and wishes of the client.
3 month minimum requirement

Personalized Meal Plans

Further, our dietitian is trained in developing, and guiding implementation of individualized meal plans. Whatever your nutritional goal, whether looking to incorporate a new style of eating, lose/gain weight, implement race/sport specific nutritional strategies, or if you’re simply looking for ideas for eating a balanced diet each day, a meal plan can be developed for you. Along with the meal plan, recipe ideas are provided.

3-Month Meal plan package: $200
 Initial consult to determine nutritional goals and needs
Meal plans provided
 2 week follow up to discuss progress/barriers
4 week follow up to discuss further progress/barriers

**At this point, you have the option to proceed with monthly nutrition services for further guidance**


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