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2020 CrossFit UDX Intramural Open Rules, Scoring, Calendar of Events


Welcome to the CrossFit Open at CrossFit UDX and thank you for signing up! This year the open will begin October 10th which means the first Friday Night Lights will be Oct. 11th! It will run until Friday Nov. 8th.

What to expect:
Every Friday Night we invite you to join us in a celebration of fitness. Each week will have a fun dress up theme as well as a fun challenge to participate in for additional points. Based on numbers, we will split the gym up into 3-4 teams to compete for the "Affiliate Cup". Coached warm-ups will start every Friday evening at 4:30 and the first heat will start at 5:00pm after a short workout briefing.

Heat Sign-ups: Each week Heat Sign-ups will be first come first serve on wodify. Heats will become available 48 hours before the workouts on Friday night. We will also require you to judge the heat after your heat or else find a judge to fill your spot (ask a coach or another member). If you cannot make it to the Friday Night Lights, we will be doing the Open workouts as our normal programming every Friday as well during normal scheduled class sessions.

Make-up workouts: Make-up workouts are accepted as long as an opposing team judge verifies your score. You must get your scores in by Tuesday evening the following week. Everyone gets ONE ATTEMPT AT A WORKOUT unless something goes horribly wrong (you are injured, your jump rope breaks, you lift so much your snap your barbell etc…) so MAKE IT COUNT!

For those registering for the ACTUAL open: We will staff validated judges for all of those registered for the open as well. Register at:

How to get points/Scoring:

· Workout!! No matter how well you do, if you do the workouts with a judges verification, you’ll earn points for your team! Get the work done! If you cannot make it to a Friday class or Friday Night lights, fret not, you can set up a time with anyone from another team to judge you at anytime before the following Tuesday evening.

o   Scoring will work as follows (gender dependent)

§  1st place overall = 100 pts

§  2nd place overall = 99 pts

§  3rd place overall = 98 pts

§  Etc…

· Dress up!! – Each week will have a theme, the team who shows the most CUMULATIVE spirit will be awarded 3 spirit points each week.

o   Week 1: “Merica/Service Worker (police, firefighter, EMT)/Military Acknowledgement”

o   Week 2: “world traveler”

o   Week 3: “High School Stereotypes”

o   Week 4: “Zombie Apocalypse”

o   Week 5: “Redneck BBQ”

· Weekly Challenges – Each week we will have a different team challenge. The winner of each challenge each week will be awarded 3 additional points.

· SOUP FOR SIT-UPS! Donate some soup!!  Each team will have a minimum amount to reach for soup donations. if that minimum is met over the course of the entire 5 weeks, you will earn 5 additional points for your team. If your minimum is not met, those 5 points will be left on the table. All proceeds will be donated to the food pantry. Every 8oz of soup will allow you to grant twice as many sit-ups to another individual on a different team at any time (other than immediately prior to their open workout). 8oz = 16 sit-ups. Minimum amount = 150oz of soup

· What you win:

o  Bragging rights for an entire year.

o Spend a week with the trophy (bring it home to Christmas, take it fishing, drink out of it at 608. You decide)

o Your team gets to decide what to spend the additional registration dollars towards to benefit the gym. The gym will match the contribution.