Mind-Set Monday - Commitment

This is our first installment for "Mind-set Monday", our weekly blog post to challenge you to improve your mindset for a more successful & fulfilling life.


What do you want? Why do you want it?

Now, are you committed?

We often talk about what we want - "I want to lose 10 lbs," "I want to tone up," etc.

We should then know why we want to achieve that goal - "I want to feel better in my swimsuit this summer," "I want to see results from the work I put in," etc.

Then the next question is are you willing to commit to it? What is it going to take? If your goal is to lose 10lbs what type of commitment is required for you to accomplish that and are you willing to do that? For some the commitment may be as simple as going to the gym 4x/week and to eat home-made foods more often. But for some that 10 lbs may require you to go to the gym 6x/week, tracking all of your food, eating <50g of sugar day, eating 5+ servings of vegetables per day and drinking 1 gallon of water per day. Of these two commitments they may be of equal difficulty for each person and may get the same results of losing 10lbs. Commitment is relative. BUT who do you think is long term going to continue to see great results? The answer is obvious. The more you are committed to the more you will continue to progress. Those who achieve the highest level of fitness are those are consistently the most committed.

What is your goal? Why do you want it? Now, how committed are you?

Set a goal, COMMIT to it. And your results will come. Lack of commitment equates to lack of results. Results can take time, but if your committed that will not matter. You will be tested with how bad you want it and it's commitment that will get you through. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this week's Mindset Monday! Stay tuned next week for our next post!