Our mission:

"To change the world and our members lives for the better through providing the highest level of professional coaching the best introductory programs for new members and the best possible existing member experience."

Join us to take the next step towards a better YOU!



Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity in a class setting.

We offer daily 60 min classes all led by specialist coaches.


Athlete Performance & Sport Specific Training

We have partnered up with La Crosse Athlete development to provide team/group athlete training sessions led by certified strength & conditioning specialists. These programs aim to take athletes to their peak physical potential by utilizing scientifically proven and researched backed training theories/methods to take athletes to the next level.


Barbell Club

Training focused around the olympic weightlifting movements, the snatch and clean & jerk. Sessions led by USA Weightlifting coach to develop power, strength, and speed. We also prep athletes to compete in weightlifting competitions.